Features that I like about Adalo

Features that I like about Adalo

I talk about things that I hope Adalo to fix, enough for those little things, let's talk about what I love about Adalo?

Airtable Integration

I believe Adalo is one of the first #nocode mobile app builders that integrate with Airtable; it might not be that straight forward or easy to use. Still, it opens out the potential of Adalo and let you do amazing things with the integration.

Custom Component

I believe this is also another first move among the #nocode mobile app builder. You can build a custom component to use. I even make two components for one of my freelance projects. I get my first payout for building on #nocode as well.

Custom Action

One of the exciting features of Adalo is called Custom Action. What it does is help you to query API and keep the results of API for later use. A good example is you can use it query Weather API and capture the return results and show it to the users.

Database Collection & API
You might be surprised that not many #nocode mobile app builder has a database to use. Lots of services are either only allowed to query with API or connect with Airtable only. Adalo seems pretty advances to have their database collection, and the best part is they have release API support recently.