Four issues that I hope Adalo to fix

Four issues that I hope Adalo to fix

I kind of love building on Adalo platform, which is why I have this love-hate relationship kind of feeling when trying to fix some of the issues. These are some of the issues I hope it can get fix soon.

Responsive Interface

The interface is not that responsive. Yes for the mobile app it works, and I know most of the user are building a mobile app with Adalo, but there is some use case that you to provide admin panel for the clients. It is going to be challenging if your client access the admin panel like a website.

Better Form/Field Support

You can do some validation when you are using the default form component. If you have a custom interface, it's going to be very challenging to do field validation. For example, If you add a stand-alone text input, there is no way to validate it as a required field. There is no drop-down selection within the default form component as well, so it's tough to customize the form.

No Pagination support

Pagination might not be an issue since most of the mobile app keeps scrolling one way, but same like the responsive interface, when you need to provide an admin panel app with lots of records, it going to be challenging to manage the data.

Staging / Live application support

One of the main problem after we launch the app for the client; it's hard for us to testing / debug. Anything that you do will directly reflect on the user screen. If only you can split the staging and living stage of the app. Testing on staging and deploy only if need.

These are some of the major issues I have after launching the app for my clients. I am going to share some of the things that Adalo impress me tomorrow.