My 2 Freelance Projects with Adalo

My 2 Freelance Projects with Adalo

I have built two freelance projects using Adalo. I want to share my experience so far. I would say Adalo are still not quite ready for a mission-critical project, but it should be good enough for simple project & MVP.

Project 1 is a dummy launch button project. It serves as an app for the open ceremony for an event. The app has to build within a pretty short time frame, but luckily it doesn't need to have any fancy function, need to be a clickable big round button with a count down timer. That's the reason I release the round button component and the count down component on Adalo marketplace.

This project considers my most embarrassing project of the year because I forget the launch date, the component having some issue last minute and I can't found anyone from Adalo to help due to the time zone difference. In the end, I just do some manual adjusting every hour.

Project 2 is a shipping slot booking application for a company selling kitchen hardware. The client wants an app so that all the salesperson out there will use the same app to book shipping slots. I did offer both builds from scratch and #nocode solutions for clients, but in the end, they prefer the Adalo solutions because of the convenient to export as a mobile application. It takes a longer time then what I expect because we try a few different ways to build.

I am going to share more about this Project 2 on the next few posts.