Working as a freelance for the past ten years, I did all kind of projects. From simple WordPress site to Complete CMS build from scratch. I work for different industry as well includes Retail, Temple, Church, Insurance etc.

Project Admira
I start the colour matching features with Colour Thief library, that catch the domain colour from the upload photo and match with existing product colour library
Project AdventistGiving
I help a church to migrate their donation form to a new payment gateway. I need to integrate the payment gateway, build up invoice features and generate export CSV for accounting purpose.
Project Turbo Italia
The client has an official website that having good google SEO referral, they want to build a new e-commerce engine without affecting the current site.
Project Kingsman
I started this project with my friends on an ambitious goal; We want to try to build headless e-commerce. I m thinking to use Ecwid for e-commerce backend + frontend templates and selling this as a solution.
Project Founder Memorials
Founder Memorials is an exciting project; I need to build a landing page + a competition brief and a selling engine that sell the competition kit
Paperform + Woocommerce
I use Paperform + Woocommerce to perform flash sales for a local bag store & we complete 111 orders within the first 5 minutes. We all know that Woocommerce is not suitable for making flash sales. I have a nightmare when I work on the first flash sale for the same store. The site is down because it…
Queue Management System #madewithglide
I have to build a Queue Management System for a Retail Shop Warehouse sale. The retail shop is closing down soon, and they are going to sell all their stock cheap. They expect there will the crowd will be crazy, and they need a system to manage the queue. The actual process actual split into 2 part…