Jetstream + Nova

Jetstream + Nova

I have been thinking to use JetStream + Statamic at first for one of my recent client projects, after some testing I think it might not suit the case, so I change the combo to Jetstream with Nova since I have a license for Nova that I didn't utilize.

So far I have progressed pretty well on Jetstream + Nova combo, let me share what I have found out for this combo to the Jetstream + Statamic combo

  • I need to build my models first then connect with Nova Resources, which explain it takes a longer time for me to ready all the models.
  • Once all the models prepared, the backend admin can set up pretty fast, just like Statamic.
  • Every model has it's a table with MYSQL support feels more future proof compared to if I am using Statamic as backend.
  • Nova and Jetstream work seamlessly; I can switch between the two with the same user tables, I believe you need to set some flag to prevent normal users from accessing the Nova part ( the admin part )

So far it's still a bit too early to tell is the combo have any drawback, but so far I have some good progress and currently working on the front end already. The remaining part will be how I extend it for API.

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