Jetstream + Statamic part 2

Jetstream + Statamic  part 2

Yesterday I talked about thinking to use JetStream + Statamic this combination to rebuild the projects for my clients, but after some testing, I give up this option.

Statamic is easy to set up, and it can build up the backend admin pretty straightforward, but there are few problems that I concern after some testing.
Statamic using Flat file structure, there are talking about how to make use of MySQL database, but there are not many details, I have this concern if all my content is on flat file will be it an issue. When I build up API for the content, I need to have an additional CMS layer to translate these flat file into the data that can export through API.

License is another thing that what I concern. The pro license cost $259, which is pretty high for my use case. The only pro features that I might need is the more the multiple admin user access. Although as a developer, I can easily skip the restriction I don't plan for that. One admin access is good enough for the current situation but I afraid the, in the long run, it might be an issue.

I love what Statamic provides, but is just that it doesn't well fit for my use case. I highly recommend Statamic if you need a CMS, or you need a backend admin that doesn't need the multi user to access.

Tomorrow I going to share what's the replacement solutions I found.