Jetstream + Statamic

Jetstream + Statamic

Life is full of choices every day. As a freelance developer, I also struggle with choices daily.

  • What stack shall I pick for my clients?
  • Will this work for my clients?
  • Is this what my client want?

After my initial suggested stack ( WordPress + LearnDash + Apppresser ) failure, I have been brainstorm what can I do within the budget and complete the project with more efficient. I plan to build the core engine using Laravel with API and interact with Adalo for the mobile app.

Building the core engine for the project with Laravel is not an issue for me. I have made quite a few projects on Laravel this year. I had used Twill CMS and build from scratch for some other Laravel projects recently. I m thinking to use both JetStream ( application scaffolding from Laravel ) with Statamic ( the Laravel based CMS release the new version 3).

I m thinking Jetstream for the frontend where the user login and do the work and Statamic will be the backend that creates all the form and entries. It feels excited about a combination like this but at the same time I m thinking did I complicated the whole thing?

I m going to spend this weekend to make sure will this combination work or shall I change it to just Jetstream only. Let's see how it goes.