I been planning to write a developer journal series for some time, and this is one of the main goals that I set up my site, I’m still trying to see which format will be better, I guess I will start with my usual way to split into personal growth, product side project and my freelance work. Currently, I wish to do this twice a month, and this post has been slightly delayed, it’s on my draft since last week.


I have continued my shipping streak on both WIP & Makerlog, and the current streak is 40 days. I have been manually doing product update at Indiehacker side and received one positive feedback for my WebhookHQ launch.

I have started to pick up Vue from basic again; this is my third attempt, so far my Vue all pick up from building real things and sample code, I want to learn it more systematic from the basic to make sure I fully understand how it works. It’s going to be significant tech I am going to use other than Laravel.

TwillCMS is something new to me, a Laravel based CMS. The main reason I choose it for my new freelance product; it’s because it feels more polish as a CMS product and a reputable freelance agency builds it. So far I have some great explore and will soon share my experience over here.


Hookeepr 2.0 has been rebrand to WebhookHQ and launch. It’s been a long wait ( for my self ) to get this reboot. I even send out my first product newsletter. I have some ideas to enhance the channel part after the launch, but going to wait a while for a few other things first.

InterstateHQ has been closed down, the product updates MVP that I build, so far only a few signups and I have lost interest in it. I have achieved it and will see is there any new ideas to pivot it.


I have completed two projects.

I have a good start with an enquiry but miss out half way, might be a good thing because the client wants a full demo setup during enquiry stage, I m a bit not comfortable for that.

Currently one of the projects is almost launch, which integrates a local payment gateway with their donation page, it miss out the launch date, because the bank site hasn’t got the approval, I have suggested to set up a temporary site that using Stripe for now, but is going to increase workload for my already tight schedule.

I have started another two new projects, a custom CMS and another Woocommerce site. It’s going to be pretty busy for the next two months.