Maker Journal Apr 2020

Maker Journal Apr 2020

The whole April is under the movement control order, if you tell me before this we will go through an entire month like this, can't move around and can only stay at home, I won't believe it. But I make it, my family and I survived the lifestyle like this, and we are still getting used to it.

Nocode Weekly to Maker Weekly

I have already transit over from Nocode Weekly to Maker Weekly. The results are less stress, still building, but not so much excited on twitter. It might be because what I am making now is less exciting, which is why I didn't get much feedback. I m getting a mention in a newsletter because of what I did for Nocode Weely, that's the little encouragement I need to move forward.


I started this project to match up merchants who do delivery and Customer who need groceries to deliver and slowly grow the project. I m thinking of moving it to become a business directory for local.


While working on HelloJb and doing some local campaign, I try to use Chatfuel to automated some campaign process. However, it doesn't seem like working for my audience; I doubt will messenger bot still playing an essential role for the next phase of the web revolution.

WordPress Plugin

I build up a Payment Gateway plugin for Woocommece this month. At the end of the Apr, finally, I take one of the most significant steps, selling this plugin on Gumroad. It hasn't got any sales yet, but at least I have taken the first step, get it ready and put it up for sell.

Tall Stack

I m pick up Tall Stack and total convert one of the client project over, so far so good. I think both Laravel Livewire and InnertiaJS have their strength and weakness; there is no stack to rules all.

What I purchase this month

I purchase Glide Pro for HelloJB, I think is expensive, ideally, if it can be below $20 for monthly will be more affordable. I subscribed to Chatfuel as well for HelloJb and wasted it. Chatfuel does have some interesting features, but I guess you can't see the results if your services are not bot oriented. I bought another attractive deal from Appsumo to pulling third party stats for reporting purpose - Oviond. Mailgun has removed their free tier; I need to start paying for transaction emails since I using Mailgun for all my sites that hosted by Laravel Forge.

Glide Pro β€’ Glide
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