Maker Journal August 2020

Maker Journal August 2020

I have talked about last month ( August 2020 ) is not my favourite month; not only I failed to complete lots of my goals. I feel stresslaxing and fall sick for a week. It feels terrible after having two productivity months and facing a downfall like this.

The only things that I m delighted that are getting my first income from #nocode. I talk about building component for Adalo market place launch, and Adalo has generously offered some cash for our efforts. It is not a lot but feels right for being appreciated. It does make me feels like to continue to contribute to the marketplace.

Besides that I have some incoming enquiry that I am trying to propose to build with Adalo platform, so far the initial response is pretty good, but no confirm deals yet. I m looking to explore more opportunity to build for clients with #nocode

Other #nocode tools that we are trying to explore are Airtable; We are exploring how to automate one of the agency reporting work. It can be done pretty well for Airtable, but I find it hard to profit much from work like these. I might need to brainstorm some other workaround on how to generate revenue for doing tweak for Agency that using Airtable.

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