Maker Journal July 2020

Maker Journal July 2020

Just like last month, it's almost 1/3 of the month, and finally, I start to write what I did last month, by right this should be ready within the first five days in the new month.


I have been doing quite a few automation for clients and in the process, building some glide templates to sell. Besides that, I complete my first React Native component for Adalo Marketplace. All these will need to wrap under the #nocode umbrella nicely, and I have more plan for it in the coming month.


I build another #nocode product in July, make use of Pory + Airtable + Integromat. I even try to launch it in the ProductHunt but failed terribly. It does break my maker moral a bit, but I won't give up.


We have tried to sell various thing within the local market, but it doesn't seem like having any demands, or maybe we are doing it wrong. The only thing that we see the trends is our Facebook Page, it hit around 1.5k fans ( which are still pretty low compared to others ), but we have a few posts that are fetching more than 200k reach. We don't plan to become a media company; there are too many local media company already. We are looking into moving toward a mobile app that provides all sort of local media content.

MetricsHQ aka GetMetricsHQ

The original idea is to get the Custom Metrics feature live and start to market the product. During the process of building custom metrics, some new ideas pop how to build the backend process better. In the end, I have converted the whole backend with this new custom engine. In the long run, I can build metrics easier, user can build their metrics, and we can provide a metric template for the user to do their remix.

The changes I have done should be the original version 1.0 of this product. The changes are going live this weekend.

GetPay aka GetPayHQ

One of my focus product which didn't get much attention in July. I am going to complete the subscription part and doing all the content marketing in August.

It's another busy but satisfies month, I did have some new plan in Aug, but it seems like very challenging with all the freelance work. Let's see how far can we move forward this month.