Maker Journal June 2020

Maker Journal June 2020

It's been 1/3 of July, and over 50% of 2020 has passed. Finally, I found some time to update what happened in June. I have been building quite a few products in May, I try to wrap up most of these products and push for testing in June.


It started as an app that matching the customer with merchants using Glide, but it has slowly evolved to other local products. We have a try to work out a few sub-products under the HelloJB brand name.

  • HelloJB Facebook Page - we have a Facebook page talking about what happening local
  • HelloJB Next - a directory that builds on WordPress to continue what has done on Glide.
  • HelloJB Ecommerce - reselling Ecwid eCommerce package
  • HelloJB Booking - reselling appointment system based on WordPress.

These are various products/app we try to work under the HelloJB and target the local market, so far the results are not encouraging, we are looking at how we should wrap up the rest.

MetricsHQ aka GetMetricsHQ

I have launched the beta testing with the Makerlog community and some of the cowriter friends, the initial response is good, but the metrics are too little. Users are looking for more in-depth metrics or something custom that can pull through API. I m looking forward to building custom metrics tracking in July.

GetPay aka GetPayHQ

The beta launch is a little bit quiet; it seems like a bit confusing to the user what it can do. I m planning to work out more clearly instruction and more marketing content on how to use it in Aug.


I have to pause the product after kickstarting of 30% of development, since I got no plan to use it for now, unlike the other 2 product that I build. I have decided to pause it and re-think what's next for this product.


I have received some #nocode enquiry, so far nothing confirm for now, but it does feel encouraged. I even build a prototype with #nocode to pitch it to others.

It feels like July is getting everything in place and ready for the real marketing effort in Aug. Let's hope we see some real value in Q3.