Maker Journal May 2020

Maker Journal May 2020

A monthly review post has delayed, and finally, I have time to write what I have done in May.

Beginning of May, I have set my goals that I will be building a lot in May. The results are pretty satisfying, lots of product MVP has progressed, and some product ideas have refined in the building process.

I started this as a product build on top of Glideapp, and now the MCO restriction has evolved into CMCO & RMCO, times to pivot this little app into something else. The current idea is to transform into a local directory App, a modern business directory App. I choose to use WordPress + Directory plugin for this to reduce the development effort.

HelloJB Checkin
I spend three days to build a check-in app for local F&B using the TALL stack, but since there are lots of local competitors and the gov even supports some, this project has to pause it on the MVP stage.

MetricsHQ aka GetMetricsHQ
Original I want to build this as an API product and integrate with different #nocode tools, but I refine the ideas while making it and now it becomes a product that sends weekly metrics state report as email. The MVP of MetricsHQ around 80% complete, and I have run the alpha test myself. I am looking forward to adding other metrics and launch beta testing.

GetPay aka GetPayHQ
Original I want to build a payment page product for my products that need to collect payments. I refine the ideas while developing as well, and now it targets to sync with Stripe API and generate payment links that link to Stripe Checkout page. The product is around 50% complete and is concept proof. I am going to do a quick launch for myself to use it and beta testing soon.

A product idea that sync with payment gateways to provide membership portal, this is sort like extend from GetPay. I have the ideas that are easy to collect payments from others, but it is hard to let manage these members. I want to build a #nocode member portal that syncs with Stripe first, and paid member can have premium access within the portal. Currently, the MVP is 30% done, and lots of ideas are still tuning.

I have been pleased to build & code in May, but I m going to pretty busy for work coming June, hopefully, I can push at least 2 of the products out for beta testing and getting the landing page ready.