Maker Journal November 2020

Maker Journal November 2020

I know I m going to be busy with my freelance work in November which is why I only set up two smaller goals continue to write daily with #30DaysOfblogging and build new component on Adalo. Sadly I have missed both goals in November.

I m busy with the renovation of my new house and my freelance work. Renovation is still ongoing, mainly my wife has been in charge of it, and I help out on the smaller part, which already takes out lots of my times.

I m working on three Laravel based project at the same time in November. I spend lots of times includes weekend and midnight to clear all the works. Context switching between three projects are not easy; there are times I'm stuck and realise I m in the wrong project folder. There are times I continue to work during the weekend and I m wondering why did I put myself in and pray for all these over. Finally, all these are over now. Two of the projects that I busy has gone lives; the remaining project phase one had lived and can take some break before phase two started.

Overall November is satisfied with my work performance, but the rest is not that great, I m not going to try to put a lot of things back on track for December since it's a shorter month for me. I have an old habit of taking a break from work before the end of the year. I have less freelance work to rush, at least I no longer busy with all the hard coding work, more on planning/testing and trying out some new things.

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