Maker Journal October 2020

Maker Journal October 2020

I continue to spend more time on my freelance work compare to products during October. I think I have more than five enquiries in October which includes some of the new lead. Besides that, I lived more than three freelance projects and completed revamp one of my oldest project for one of the client.

One of the main things that happen in October is the Hacktoberfest. I spend a few days to finally found an Open Source project that I m interested enough and the maintainer is active enough to respond to the contributors. In the end, I submit around six pull requests and four of those getting merge. Maybe one day, I will share the projects I contribute all these years during Hacktoberfest.

One of the sad things that happen in October is I miss out my daily post streak. After writing daily at 200wordsaday for 690 days, I know this day will come, didn't expect it comes suddenly. I take a break from daily writing now but going to launch a 30days blog post writing here at my blog soon.

I also finished my #100daysofdesign challenge that design something on Canva and share on my Twitter. Although I didn't do it daily and take some day off some time, I manage to finish it and come out with 100 designs.

Products related works are on Adalo for October. I completed another component that rendering HTML and being featured in Adalo newsletter again. Beside that My staff and I finished a freelance project that makes using of Adalo + Airtable which I am going to share more on the upcoming posts.

I am looking forward to having more times for products in November.