Maker Journal September 2020

Maker Journal September 2020

September is more about freelance work. I start having a lot more enquiry and freelance work, which is why I have put my product work aside work. I do working on Adalo more but mainly because I have two freelance work based on Adalo.

I rebuild one of the freelance work with Laravel 8 and Livewire 2.0. This mark that I upgrade my Laravel tech stack fully to TALL ( Tailwind, Alpine, Laravel, Livewire ). Other then this I have finish complete re-write another client project with this stack as well.

On the product sides, I put in much effort on the Adalo platform. I have build up to four components in September, two of the components is because of one of the freelance project. My components even feature in Adalo newsletter. While writing this post, I have delivered another freelance project with Adalo, and I will share about it more in another post on the pro and con of Adalo. I have a few productize services/products idea for Adalo, but I might need to finetune before I put it out.

The only product that I am working on it in Septemeber is GetPay. I get the subscription part ready, and it's ready for users to pay for it. Besides that, I have build two demos which using GetPay with Pory and Getpay with Softr.

GetPay + Softr
You can now collect payments through your softr site by using GetPay