Maker Weekly Week #14 Hello JB, a city app build with Glide

Maker Weekly Week #14 Hello JB, a city app build with Glide

I am finally writing about this before the end of this week. It is the first post for the new Maker Weekly Series, not just with a new name, I adjusted the week number to 14 to sync with the actual week number, so I have week 13 missing.

My team and I build an app for my City with #nocode using Glide. Although I change the name so that I can start building something more then #nocode, but this is totally coincident and funny enough, the first post of #nocodeweekly also something I make based on Glide.

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My country suddenly partial lockdown in mid-March, which is so call the MCO ( movement control order ), the government want you to stay at home, but this creates an issue, how you get the food or fresh groceries without go out? At the same time, lots of F&B and Grocessies store are starting to include delivery services for their business, or else without any customer and still need to pay for salary and rent; they need to generate income continually.

We use Glide to build the app pretty quickly within the first day, and the next few days mostly collect merchant information and fine-tune the interface. We make an app to link up food & groceries that do delivery with users who need these services. The app help both sides and fulfil both party need.

Beside that, we added some COVID-19 info and some related verified COVID-19 news about our City, so that the user can get the updated information while browsing the suitable merchants.

Feel free to try up the app and let me know if you have any feedback on how can we improve this app so that it provides the real need for this City during this epidemic.

Hello, JB
Local delivery services you need during movement control order