Maker Weekly Week #19 Tracking Social Metrics with GetMetricsHQ

Maker Weekly Week #19 Tracking Social Metrics with GetMetricsHQ

I always want to build a metrics tracker product; I have the idea since I saw one of the product and testing another similar product one year ago.

I start to build it this Month. I call it the Maker May. I put up my building gear and start building product again, after dealing with #nocode and some misc for the past four months. It's time to back to make stuff.

What I plan to build is inspired by two products, and sunriseKPI. - Freshly ground social metrics delivered to your inbox | Product Hunt
Keep track of your social metrics. Delivered to your inbox, every Monday morning.
Sunrise KPI - Automatic reports on all your key metrics
Gather all your key metrics from all your services into one dashboard and get your numbers emailed to you every day with Sunrise KPI. seems like after one year, the product no longer available. What does is pretty simple, it sends the social metrics to you every week and tells you how much it growth compare previous week.
The other product that inspires me is Sunrise KPI which sending the metrics report daily to the users. It has one power integration which integrates with Google Sheet.

So far, the prototype is ready with only two metrics to track, Twitter & Github. I am going to wait for a few more metrics type to add before I let others to beta testing it. Most likely, I am going to soft launch it next week.

Let me know if you want to track any social metrics out there? Facebook, Instagram and Product hunt are next on my list.