Maker Weekly Week #20 Check-In For Dine-In Customer

Maker Weekly Week #20 Check-In For Dine-In Customer

I have been working on this check-in project for the past few days. Because in my country, We have converted from MCO ( movement control order ) to CMCO ( conditional movement control order). F&B industry allows the customers to dine in but with the condition to record their info and temperature. The reason behind these actions is if there is any outbreak, easy to trace.

So what the app did is pretty simple, it allows merchants to register. Once merchant register and create their shop, you can print the shop page and paste it on your entrance.

The shop page consists of QR code which leads to a unique URL form for your shop. The customers who scan the QR code can enter their details and check in to the shop.

The whole app is pretty simple, and straight forward, there are rooms for a few enhancements, but I m trying to see hows the clients feedback first.

You can give it a try here.