Maker Weekly Week #21 Deploy GetMetricsHQ for alpha testing

Maker Weekly Week #21 Deploy GetMetricsHQ for alpha testing

I talk about this GetMetricsHQ project on Week #19 before, two weeks later finally, I clean up some of the small glitches and decide to put it online for alpha testing. Why is it call Alpha testing? Because there are only three metrics can be tracked now, and there are still some little thing I plan to fix.

What does GetMetricsHQ does is help you to track some of the social metrics and send you a weekly report. I have a simple interface for the user to add what they want to track and a simple email that shows the stats.

Why can only three types of metrics be tracked? I m thinking to add Facebook Page & Instagram. Still, it takes lots of permission now a day to perform some simple query, and I even need to get my business to verified on Facebook before I can use these API queries, that explain why missing those two.

Other then this since the whole thing involved pulling some metrics and auto email the user weekly based on their time zone, I think it will be better for me to put it up in the production server to test before I open up for the others. I find out another bug and getting five report email this morning.

The next feature I would love to get it ready is allowed users to pull some metrics through their API, but feeling this is something more advance, most users might prefer the setting is there already they click, and it works.

I feel delighted to deploy GetMetricsHQ; it's been a while I deploy a new product that coded by myself. If you want to give it a try, dm me on twitter for the alpha testing link.