Maker Weekly Week #22 Collect Payment with GetPayHQ

Maker Weekly Week #22 Collect Payment with GetPayHQ

I have been working on this idea for the past two weeks. At first, I thought of just follow some tutorials to build a payment form that connects to Stripe. After creating the first version prototype, I feel that something is wrong; this is what lots of services did, but not really what I want. So I put down everything back to the drawing board and going through the Stripe API & documentation for some new ideas.

I find out that using Stripe Checkout form is easy for a coder but not really for #nocode users, I decided to pivot the original payment form ideas to something integrate with Stripe Checkout form.

So what GetPayHQ does is, connect to your Stripe account, let you choose the pricing item you want to bill, create a unique link to redirect users to the Stripe Checkout Page. I have a few more ideas to enhance it, but I want to get the necessary up and ready for testing first. So far, a one-time payment is working fine, and I need to look into subscription payment before open this product for Alpha testing.

With the GetPayHQ helps, I want to make it easy to collect payment for all my side projects without building any billing module, just use the Stripe Checkout page. Besides this, I want to allow #nocode user able to create their Stripe Checkout page easily.

Ping me on twitter if you want an alpha testing invite.