Maker Weekly Week #23 MetricsHQ Beta Launch Delayed

Maker Weekly Week #23 MetricsHQ Beta Launch Delayed

It supposes to be a beta launch post for MetricsHQ, but I stuck in the last minute bug. A very last-minute bug that only discovers after the Facebook App go-lives and can't seem like resolved in a short time. The beta launch of MetricsHQ gets delayed again.

Let me share one of the interesting while I am building MetricsHQ. As you know, MetricsHQ supposes to draw some metrics from different API and save the records. It will delivery the compilation records as a report weekly. Currently, it supports Twitter, ProductHunt and Github follower. You might think that to pull so many data endpoint from so many API; I need to integrate lots of SDK/Library for this to work?

Nope, thanks for the Laravel 7 New Http Client. I do most of the API query with launch the Http client. It's much more sufficient, but you need to study the API documentation first, so that you actually what's the URL you need to query and what's the fields you are requesting and what's the data you are expecting.

I have built 4 integration with this method, and I need to save the bearer token and do the query with the simple Http client. It just works and pretty lightweight. Hopefully, I can solve the bug this week and get the beta launch this week for MetricsHQ!

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