Maker Weekly Week #24 MetricsHQ Beta Launch πŸš€

Maker Weekly Week #24 MetricsHQ Beta Launch πŸš€

I initial completed three metrics to monitor for MetricsHQ, which include Twitter follower, Github Follower and Producthunt Follower. These metrics are good enough for me for the alpha testing internally.

For beta testing to kickstart, I was thinking to add Facebook Page Fan count and Instagram. I was really "lucky" that when I try to build the feature, Facebook has changed on all the page permissions and to allow my app to request these permissions, I need to get my company to verified on Facebook. Due to COVID19, the verification process has prolonged.

So I turn around and found a way to get the Facebook Fan count with the demo Facebook Application, and I thought it works. When I try to deploy and live the Facebook Application and the features didn't work any more. It seems like the demo app, and the live app is working differently. So Facebook & Instagram features have to delayed already.

I thought to delayed the beta launch and maybe wait for the Custom API feature to be complete but inspired by some friend who launches a new product. There are always things there to block you for starting. Just launch it and iterate later. So MetricsHQ has launched for beta testing, and the initial feedback is pretty ok, just that metrics that can be monitor is a bit too little and I m going to working on that.

Give it a try and feedback are welcome.