Maker Weekly Week #25 GetPayHQ Progress

Maker Weekly Week #25 GetPayHQ Progress

After MetricsHQ beta testing launch, I have been concentrating on GetPayHQ development, mainly because I going to use it to handle the billing part, the progress is slower then I expect. Still, most likely, I can use it for my own and beta testing early July. Yes, I going to use it for production for my own, but release the free plan for users to beta test.

Some of the progress I have been working is building different features for different tier group. Currently, I plan for two type account + the free account for testing. The standard plan account will allow for one Stripe account to connect, and the pro plan will support for multiple Stripe account.

I been trying to fine tune the dashboard for the different plan users.

The Dashboard should be ready, I been working on fine-tuning the interface of Payment Links but don't happy with the outcome for the previous two design. I am currently working on the 3rd design. Hopefully, I can finish it this week.
One of the features that I would like to integrate is the customer portal by Stripe, and someone seems like to release it as a side project on ProductHunt during the weekend.

One GetPayHQ is moving into beta testing; I will be taking a break from building a new product ( sorry BerHQ ), working on marketing and enhancement for both MetricsHQ and GetPayHQ and hopefully switching role like can recharge me from all these product work.

Ping me on twitter if you want a beta testing invite for GetPayHQ.