Maker Weekly Week #26 Logo & Colours for Products

Maker Weekly Week #26 Logo & Colours for Products

I been beta launch MetricsHQ, and features ready for GetPay, times to working on things other than coding. As a developer that not really into design, I struggle on logo design and choosing colours for products.

I start with colours first. Either I have some colours in mind, or else I will visit colour mind to get some inspirations. I will try to pick 4~5 colours first.

Colormind - the AI powered color palette generator
Generate color palettes with deep learning - intelligent color scheme suggestions from your selected colors

After that, I work on logo design on Canva. Thanks to Canva, it saves me lots of works from these graphic designs. I create the logo style I want, then match the colour I have chosen. If it doesn't give me the feeling I want, I refine the colour again until something match.

Once something match and I have both logo and colours, I start to put these on my landing page and application interface, again I will try to mix n match to see if is feeling right. If not I might all the way go back to the colour board and working for some new combination.

For MetricsHQ

For GetPay