Maker Weekly Week #27 GetPayHQ Beta Testing

Maker Weekly Week #27 GetPayHQ Beta Testing

Original I thought this can be launch before end June so that I can use it for my other services, again building products always have something unexpected, in the end, I launching beta testing for GetPay early July.

So in simple words, what GetPay does is, connect to your Stripe account, sync with the API and generate a link that redirects you to Stripe Checkout page. If you are Stripe user, you know that the checkout page is not easy for non-coder or non-tech savvy users, what I try to do is build the bridge so that you can make use of the Stripe Checkout page with #nocode.

Besides this, I would like to use this product to build subscription quickly, I need to create all the subscription plan within my app to allow users to pay and handle the successful webhook to upgrade my users to their plan. With this implementation, I can add a subscription for any of my products within 15 minutes. I use to build products with Laravel Spark because of it integrates with Stripe by default, now I can develop my products with the Laravel based and adding this subscription feature pretty fast.

I try to build this as friendly as it is for #nocode users. Hopefully, this can help #nocode users simplified their payment and subscription. I m looking forward to showing case more sample here how to use GetPay.

A simple accounts list
Generate payment link based on the products you have on your stripe account
Redirect your user who click on the link to the Stripe Checkout page

Give it a try and feedback are welcome !