Maker Weekly Week #28 HubSponsors Launch

Maker Weekly Week #28 HubSponsors Launch

I just soft launch another project that builds with #nocode. It's been three months since my #nocodeweekly. I have been coding for the past three months and beta testing some of my products. After doing all the coding, I was thinking to take a break to do some #nocode work.

HubSponsors idea came back obviously Github Sponsors. It's a great way to support all these open source contributors in term of financial. I have recently started to sponsor, while I don't do much open source, except during Hacktoberfest, I would like to make a listing to list out these open source contributor that worth your sponsor.

What I use this round is a combination of Pory + Integormat + ApiFlash + Airtable.
Pory is the new Airtable based CMS which I use as the base of the site, and all data are populated into Airtable and display through Pory.

A no-code platform for building web apps | Pory
Create beautiful sites and web app using Airtable and other no-code tools.
Airtable: Organize anything you can imagine
Airtable works like a spreadsheet but gives you the power of a database to organize anything. Sign up for free.

Integromat is the automation tools I use to pulling data from Github through Github API. Yup, you can perform GraphQL query through Integromat.

Integromat is an easy to use, powerful tool with unique features for automating manual processes. Connect your favorite apps, services and devices with each other without having any programming skills.

ApiFlash is the screenshot API which I use to capture the activity chart image from Github, without image the sites look empty. I also use Integromat to do API query and get the generated image URL to update on Airtable.

A simple and elegant screenshot API made with Chromium and AWS Lambda.
ApiFlash is an easy to use screenshot API for developers. It is powerful and cost efficient as it is operating on top of AWS Lambda and Google Chrome.

There are filters mechanism from Pory, but I can't figure what kind of filters I shall have? Let me know if you have any ideas.

Please give it a visit and let me know if you have any feedback.

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