Maker Weekly Week #29 Plugin for Nocode Mobile App Builder

Maker Weekly Week #29 Plugin for Nocode Mobile App Builder

The previous week HubSponsor producthunt launch didn't hit well, after sort out my mood and I am working on building some plugin for one of the #nocode Mobile App Builder platforms.

It' sort of like working for free, but I m thinking for a few advantages for working on this. It helps me to understand the platform more, I get to build some plugin might be able to sell for a few bucks and I get some marketing for my NocoderHQ for free. It's a win-win situation for both developer and the platform.

The instruction + video + help file is pretty clear from the platform, I follow the instructions and get something simple up and running. Although I m not familiar with the React Native, with some basic programming knowledge, I pick up this fast and get my ideal concept build-up already.

It feels a little bit excited, like the day when I first build WordPress plugins when WordPress is still not famous. It's like you are the lead the wave of something new.

What I build is something straightforward, a QR code generator, going to send to the platform to ask for feedback tomorrow, if things work out well, I might going to try to build another one plugin for the platform.