Maker Weekly Week #30 & #31 MetricsHQ rebuild

Maker Weekly Week #30 & #31 MetricsHQ rebuild

I miss out week #30 Maker Weekly update because there is seems like no progress or too little progress to talk about, in the end I think is best to talk about both weeks together. Who knows just a feature implement has caused me to re-build the whole process flow of MetircsHQ.

First, I start with want to build a custom metrics feature on MetricsHQ; it allows users to create their custom metrics with API. While I am building and testing the custom metric feature, I slowly discover that the new process that I make seems better, and it allows me to build up new integration a lot faster than currently.
I come out with something to improve the custom metrics feature - Template.

Template is a feature that allows copy custom metric that builds by users for your use. So once some user that created a useful custom metric, I can make it as a template for other users to use it. In this way, as long as you have your API token, you can use the same query to pull your data.

Once the prototype is tested and refine, I find this is way better then what I did before. It can replace what I have built previously. I code each metrics manually before this; now if the new engine is ready, I can create new metrics by an Interface.

These are what I been busy for the past two weeks; I won't say this is a MetricsHQ 2.0. It's more like a final 1.0 product that I m proud to share.