Maker Weekly Week #32 & #33 Adalo

Maker Weekly Week #32 & #33 Adalo

It seems like this is going to become bi-weekly posts due to my tight schedule. What happens for the past two weeks is almost all about Adalo.

I have to build a QR code component for Adalo Marketplace, it's my first try on React Native, I still haven't picked up but I m proud that I manage to squeeze out a component.

No-Code Meet Code in Adalo’s Component Marketplace
The Component Marketplace features components for your Adalo no-code app made by third party developers. React Native Developers can now create components for the marketplace or for personal use.

I have planned another simple component, should be released this coming week soon, let's see will I get the approval from Adalo or not.

Beside building component for Adalo Marketplace, I decided to join their Clone Challenge. I have created two functional kits to give the challenge a try.

Make A Clone Challenge with Makerpad
With the newest release of full app templates & cloneable kits, Adalo has teamed up with Makerpad, the leading no-code community, to bring you a challenge to create a UI Kit, a Functional Kit, or a Full App Template that can be used by others.

The first function kit focus on actions that can perform by making use of the open windows. The function kit showcase different kind of actions includes WhatsApp / telegram users, sending emails, SMS user or call users.

NocoderHQ Action Link
Demo all kind of simple action to open native app

The second function kit more like a tinder-style demo, user can swipe left for dislike and swipe right for favourite the products and by the end of the swiping showing a list of favourite products.

NocoderHQ Swiper
Rate the component with tinder style swiper

I created a simple shipping demo on Adalo as well to help me convince one of the clients, now waiting for the client to reply if they want to ahead with Adalo.

If I am getting approval from the client for using Adalo, I going to put Adalo as one of the main focus for our nocode agency - NocoderHQ.