My AppPresser Experience

My AppPresser Experience

Initially, I was looking for a solution that connects LearnDash with the mobile app, so I found AppPresser and test it out for the 14 days trial. As a developer I m not happy with the performance and the overall tools, it might help user without code experience, but I think if the tools target on #nocode user might be losing to tons of tools out there.

So I set up a LearnDash instance and trying out with AppPresser. I use to be AppPresser client before I believe what I am using is the new version of AppPresser which seem like using the ionic framework for the backend.

Things that I don't like

  • The compiling takes time, and there is no clear indication compiling is running. I have to open the chrome console to check the log respond.
  • If you delete your app and use back the same name, there are certain things cache or previous setting preserve, which conflict with the settings.
  • You don't get proper/meaningful error; I need to grab the error that appears on my console and send in a support request to ask what happen.
  • For example, if you didn't assign a menu to the theme, the whole thing break, but there are no error telling you that.
  • I though the LearnDash will be some deep integration, but it turns out just using the webview / iframe.

Overall I find that it seems like not a production-ready product; it feels more like some new service that is looking for beta tester.