Nocode Weekly #10 Automate Image Generation API

With no-code & automation combo, it allows an ordinary user to make use of API as well.

Nocode Weekly #10 Automate Image Generation API

This week idea is pretty similar to last week. Last week I was using a similar stack to build up to follow up email automation. This week I use the same stack to interact with an Image Generation API. With no-code & automation combo, it allows an ordinary user to make use of API as well.

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Integromat is an easy to use, powerful tool with unique features for automating manual processes. Connect your favorite apps, services and devices with each other without having any programming skills.

I m using the Airtable as the backend again and Integormat to automate the whole process. The image generation part will be using Yong Fook's latest product - Banner Bear. Banner Bear starts as an Image generation service and now has pivot into API model and launch it a few days ago.

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You need to design the template first on the Banner Bear side to know the template id and what's the required field for your template. I configure all the fields in Airtable and use Integormat to detect, if the render field is empty, I will make API post to Banner Bear. I must praise that Integormat makes the whole posting to other API as JSON object easy. Other then this I need to provide a webhook URL, this allows Banner Bear to inform once the image generation has completed.

Image Generation API
Bannerbear turns your graphic templates into a REST API so that you can generate variations automatically

I create another Webhook scenario on Integormat just to received Banner Bear call back, once I get the callback and it will search for the records in Airtable and update the render field. User can just submit a new entry through the Airtable form and getting the image generated within 5 minutes.

Give it a try and feedback are welcome.

Fill up the form - and the image should be generated within 5 minuites interval.