I have a few ideas this week but due to Lunar New Year holidays, I m busy between doing the spring cleaning, freelance work and working on this nocode project.

My original idea is to build an app so that my co-worker can upload images to Digital Ocean Space to use it for some demo project, but in the end, it becomes a Wetransfer clone.

WeTransfer is the simplest way to send your files around the world

I have pretty clear what I want to build, and I try to plan how am I going to make it work. Original I thought of using Retool, it seems like an interesting tool, but I can't get the s3 module work, after 2 hours of testing, I give up and try another combo.

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Then I decide the entry point will be using Carrd; it should act a the landing page, allows user to fill in fields like emails, message and file upload input.

Carrd - Simple, free, fully responsive one-page sites for pretty much anything
A free platform for building simple, fully responsive one-page sites for pretty much anything.

I am thinking of using Integromat to handle the landing page data and upload it to Digital Ocean Space. Yup Integromat is beta testing on DO Space integration. Still, I find it overall the experience of using Integromat are not smooth, and the results are not what I want, and so I am looking for alternative solutions again.

Integromat is an easy to use, powerful tool with unique features for automating manual processes. Connect your favorite apps, services and devices with each other without having any programming skills.

So I turn the automation part back to Zapier, and through Zapier, I found Uploadcare for the storage purpose.

Carrd capture the user data includes emails, message and files then submitted over to Zapier. Zapier uploads the data to Uploadcare and generates a file link return to Zapier. Lastly, Zapier sends out the email to both sender and receiver with the message and the file link.

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Give it a try and feedback are welcome.

The site https://nocodeweekly.carrd.co/