Nocode Weekly #6 Feedback Form with Trello

Nocode Weekly #6 Feedback Form with Trello

I launch a delayed Nocode Weekly week #5 this week, so I am just going to build a simple prototype that combines nocode & automation for week #6.

It is a usual feedback form process that you can see everywhere, but instead of just getting the feedback in an email and hard to manage by multiple people. I use zapier to pipe the input to Trello. Everyone now can manage that feedback as a Card on Trello.

One of the problems I face when using Trello is how to onboard my clients, not everyone feels like register an account. What I did on this prototype is to keep the feedback sender email on that card, any follow up comments on that card will send to feedback user.

The challenge of this prototype is although Trello does have an email to board & email to card settings, it doesn't appear as part of the return API, which is why I need to use Zapier to glue up the process. Beside Trello custom field again prove that its usefulness, I can insert the email in the custom field and use it later part to send email to the user.

A more advanced use case is I can manually copy the email-to-card settings ( which is the email for update the card ) and put into another custom field. In this way, once the feedback user received the follow-up comment in emails, they can reply to the email and the content will get up into comment in the Trello card as well.

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Give it a try and feedback are welcome.

The site & the trello board