Nocode Weekly #7 Build Membership Site

Nocode Weekly #7 Build Membership Site

Hopefully, this is going to be the last prototype that using Carrd, I been using Carrd too often for my past few prototypes.

I have been wanted to try all the nocode membership services but didn't have any idea what to build for a membership site. One day, I saw someone comment in the indiehacker forum, that he would like to find the alternative of Memberstack that support other payment gateways then Stripe.

What I suggest is make use of Memberstack to build the membership site and provide an alternative payment gateway within the membership site and upgrade the member to different Membership tier through Zapier.

MemberStack - Memberships and Gated content w/out code
Add free or paid memberships to any website without writing code. MemberStack is the designer-friendly membership platform you can add to the sites you already built.

For example, the prototype I do is make use of Carrd and Carrd allow you to use other tools like PayPal & Gumroad, or you can even embed Buymeacoffee in there. You might need to a little bit of coding so that this payment will know actually from which member. Submit the payment detail with the member id to Zapier, so that Zapier can search for the member by id and update the member membership.

Too bad the Memberstack free tier doesn't allow the free user to try out Zapier, I can only simulate once you pay and the system will upgrade the member to different membership tier.

Give it a try and feedback are welcome.

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