Nocode Weekly #8 Support Request Mobile App

Nocode Weekly #8 Support Request Mobile App

Until last night I m still no ideas what I want to build, there are few ideas but mostly going to need some time to develop and I hope to complete the prototype by today, which is why I need to find something that can build in short period.

I was trying quite a few tools last night to find one that I can use it to build some ideas. Adalo is the first one I try, I find it pretty impressive, but I think I need some time to familiarize with the tools to build an app, I pass it and turn over to try out other nocode tools. After trying out a few other nocode tools, nothing gets my attention, I put my focus back to Adalo and think maybe I should try again and see if I can learn it fast.

After spending a few hours today, I manage to build a quick mobile prototype which is not that pretty but functional. I hit some of the interface bugs and trying a different way to solve it. I try out the sample template first, but nothing meet my need, so I start from the blank and working screen by screen.

Adalo allows to interact with external API, too bad is a paid option, I can't try it on my free plan, but I'm interested in upgrading and building things for others.

What I build this round is a Support request App, the user sign up and send their support request to the admin and admin can chat with the user for each support requests. It's quite a simple prototype, but it helps me to learn how to build a mobile app on Adalo.

Adalo - Build Your Own No Code App
Adalo makes creating apps as easy as putting together a slide deck. Turn your idea into a real native app β€” no code needed!

Give it a try and feedback are welcome.

The site

The user can only see their requests, try the Admin account to see all the support request. u: [email protected] p: nocode.