Nocode Weekly #9 Automated Follow-pp Email

Nocode Weekly #9 Automated Follow-pp Email

This week idea come from indiehacker forum as well, someone would like to build up automated follow-up email, the email will keep sending for a few times unless user viewing that email.

The idea is quite straight forward, but I do a few tweaks for more accessible to demo.

  • Instead of daily sending follow up email, I make it trigger every 15 minutes, there is a counter for it, once the count check reaches 0 no more email will send.
  • The original idea is the email will stop if the user views the email. Most of the time we track the email open with placing an image to check if the image has been load, but now a day this is pretty easy to block by the email client or browser plugin, so I change the condition to unless the user clicks on the link in the email.

I use Airtable to hold the data, Integromat to glue up the process ( my Zapier has been running out of usage, and I would like to give Integromat some testing ) and I use Mailgun for sending email and tracking the email click.

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Mailgun Technologies
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Give it a try and feedback are welcome.

Submit your email to the form -, and you should be getting emails within 15 minutes. If you ignore it, and there will be emails keep coming until the count hit zero or you visit the link within the email. Check out the actual data we structure on Airtable