Nocode Weekly #w21 Adalo + Ghost Demo App

Nocode Weekly #w21 Adalo + Ghost Demo App

Last week, I built a sample app that pulled data from Unsplash; this week, I will show a sample app that integrates Adalo with Ghost.

Ghost: Turn your audience into a business
The world’s most popular modern publishing platform for creating a new media platform. Used by Apple, SkyNews, Buffer, OpenAI, and thousands more.

First, you need a content key to pulling data from your Ghost blog. Create an integration through the Ghost Admin backend. You will have two essential key generated; keep the Content API Key; that's what we will use for our Adalo app.

Next, we need to add some external collection to our Adalo app. We are going to add one for tagging and another one for posts. The reason for doing that is because we want to have a tag filter to filter the display posts.

External Collections with APIs

You can understand more about Ghost API to filter out posts/tags that you don't need.

Ghost Content API Documentation
Ghost’s RESTful Content API delivers published content to the world and can be accessed by any client to render a website. Read more on Ghost Docs.

The Post collection is pretty standard, but for the Tags collection, I need some changes. I pull only a few tags that I want to show through the filter.

Once all the collection has ready, I will work on the UI. I need to add a dropdown pulling from the Tags collection and another image list showing the posts. I add a filter using the dropdown value to filter the posts that I want to display.

The app is ready, the post will filter baed the dropdown selection, clicking on each post, and you can link the user to the actual post itself.

Try out the demo app here.

Adalo Samples
VisualDev Studio Adalo Demo