Nocode Weekly Week #12 Wrap up

Nocode Weekly Week #12 Wrap up

I been build up 11 prototype using #nocode for the past 12 weeks, I thought to complete another to end this 3 months campaign, but I failed. After build up two prototype with two different tools but doesn't really meet the release requirement, I just change this week topic to a wrap up for my past 12 weeks of #nocode weekly.

The #nocode journey is really interesting, I find out a lot more #nocode tools and understand how these tools can really fit in for users need. As a developer, when I using these tools, I will think how come this tool missing these feature, this feature should be easy to add in, how this things going to work without this feature? But in reality most of the nocode user won't care, they will just find a way or do it manually.

Going through this 12 weeks, I have quite a few ideas to build & some new feature to add on my original ideas. That's why I think is time to call a break for my #nocode weekly campaign. I m getting a bored on to just focus on #nocode.

I going to continue this Maker spirit and continue to build things, but no longer limited on #nocode. The new series will call Maker weekly, which I going to build more things and share.

Thanks and looking forward for more feedback from you all.