NocodeWeekly #1 Paid Membership System with Glide

NocodeWeekly #1 Paid Membership System with Glide

I started this challenge to myself to build a nocode prototype weekly, and I start with something I'm familiar with - Glide.

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I always want to play with the payment part of Glide, so I come out with an idea is to build a Paid Membership prototype using Glide. There are a few challenges for me.

  • The prototype is best without gated, which mean it should function without register. I build a role selection dropdown on the first screen; it help the user to simulate as different role; you will see different info on the Membership Tab.
  • The Paid feature can't use test API, which means you can only live Stripe account connected. I manage to contact Glide support and access to to a staging Glide site that you can test it with Stripe testing API. I have checked the payment features and have access to records after you make payment.

Give it a try, feel free to clone it and feedback are welcome.