November Monthly Goal 2020

November Monthly Goal 2020

I used to write my monthly goal on 200words, where I write my daily post. I had accidentally broken my writing streak last month, now I moving my writing back to my blog. I usually will set a rough direction each month and review it at the end of the month.

I started a new challenge to myself - #30DaysOfblogging. After completing my #100DaysOfDesign and miss out my daily writing streak, I thought of starting something every day again that related to writing. That's why I started this challenge to write on my blog for the next 30 days. I use this to motivate myself to continue writing daily, trying some content marketing for my products and to see if I can focus on complete another daily achievement for myself.

I'm planning to continue to focus on Adalo this month; there are a number of few things I want to work on Adalo. First, I am going to share my experience of building a freelance project on Adalo. Then I plan to build a component that interacts with a Video API. Lastly, I might be making something interact with Collection API.

Beside Adalo, I might explore some other #nocode mobile app builder. I have a V.One account which I find it pretty interesting; I might give it a try to see what it can build.

These are what I am planning for November.