Rest Week Start

Rest Week Start

Xmas this year fall on Friday, so I took a break from all the works from Friday until today Sunday, which it the start of my rest week. There is something happen which going to confirm tomorrow. It might bring some most significant changes to me in 2021, and it might end my rest week earlier.

When I thought 2020 is full of changes and all those will end soon, I have some new challenge coming soon. This new challenge will force me to finish the break earlier and pushed me to plan for 2021 as quickly as possible. At first, I thought I could escape from all the stress during this rest week, but now I guess I need to face the I stress earlier.

I thought leaving all the works behind will make me super free, but the past three days have proved me wrong. I have a little more time playing some mobile games, the rest of the time fully occupied by my family member. I do have more patience for them since I no need to rush my work, but it seems like serving them is my new job scopes.

Let's see tomorrow what will be the results and how it will affect my rest weeks.

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