I choose to change

I choose to change

Yesterday I talked about the struggle between change or continued. In the end, I put the whole deal out and see how I can workout solution within the budget. Since the proposal has been approved, it's hard to go back to ask for money, what I need to is see how can I complete the project within the budget, timeline within giving me too much burden.

So I am going to leave the WordPress version as the landing page. I am going to build the core engine that handles the interactive part with Laravel. In this case, I can build up an API quickly. With the availability of API, I can use Adalo to build the mobile app quickly. The new ways might be over the original budget since I need to code quite a bit, but at least I can reduce the work on the mobile app part.

I m much willing to code on Laravel rather than on WordPress. Tweaking on Adalo with Laravel API is for sure more enjoy then using Apppresser with WordPress.

I have a quick meeting with the person in charge and share with her what I plan. She replies me with Yes, as long as everything within budget and there is no need to go back to the Finance to ask for more money.

Now I have a week to build up the core before our next meet up, and I need to refund quite a few services that I bought during Black Friday for this project.