Last week I talk about how I step out my development comfort zone, and I discover lots of good stuff, I didn't change everything I used overnight, but I start to appreciate some other languages and tools.

I kickstart my personal blog again this year and using something that I familiar - WordPress. I do start to enjoy at the beginning of the new Gutenberg block, but it gets bored soon, and it doesn't work well with Grammarly. So most of the time I write it here and paste over there.

The process flow defeats why I am setting another blog purpose, and it doesn't encourage to write. Sometimes I think it might be because I spend too much time on WordPress; doing all my client works on WordPress makes me don't feel like seeing WordPress during my free time?

I didn't care about Ghost before this because it is base on Nodejs that I m not familiar with, but this year after having fun on Vue, I feel like want to know about all these javascript things and can't deny lots of new shining things is js based. Two Ghost related news that strikes me is they step forward and release content API, put them as a headless CMS position and you can integrate some of the popular Mac writing tools with it and publish directly from the app.

I start to find out more about Ghost, try on its first time on my local dev, it can set up pretty quickly with the CLI and it looks beautiful at first sight. It might not have the overwhelming plugins system like WordPress, but what I like is its focus as a content publishing tool.

Once I find out how to set up the Ghost on my Laravel Forge server, it seems like nothing to hold me back any more.

Goodbye WordPress, Hello Ghost.