I build Product

I build Product
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I love the build the products. It doesn't matter coding all the way from scratch or building it using no-code.


VisualDev Studio
We Turn Visual To Product With Nocode
Adalo Components
Talk to us if you want to build something in Adalo

Maker Weekly Week #27 GetPayHQ Beta Testing
Original I thought this can be launch before end June so that I can use it formy other services, again building products always have something unexpected, inthe end, I launching beta testing for GetPay early July. So in simple words, what GetPay does is, connect to your Stripe account, syncwith …
Maker Weekly Week #24 MetricsHQ Beta Launch πŸš€
I initial completed three metrics to monitor for MetricsHQ, which includeTwitter follower, Github Follower and Producthunt Follower. These metrics aregood enough for me for the alpha testing internally. For beta testing to kickstart, I was thinking to add Facebook Page Fan count andInstagram. I …
Maker Weekly Week #15 Thank you page with Ghost
What I want to send out the message is those SaaS company that help out people who are impacted by the COVID-19.
Maker Weekly Week #14 Hello JB, a city app build with Glide
I am finally writing about this before the end of this week. It is the firstpost for the new Maker Weekly Series, not just with a new name, I adjusted theweek number to 14 to sync with the actual week number, so I have week 13missing. My team and I build an app for my City with #nocode using Gli…
NocodeWeekly - I’m Knight
I build 11 products with #nocode within 3 months
Maker Goal Telegram Bot
I join the Product Hunt Maker Festival API edition this year and won a runner upin 3rd party integration category. My idea is pretty simple since lots ofcommunity includes Makerlog & WIP are using Telegram as a tool for theircommunity. Why not I build a telegram bot that allows users to log their…
While I working solo, I continue to improve and launch the Hookeepr version 2.0 and rebranded it as WebhookHQ.
Extend 200wad
I m writting on 200wad daily for very long time, the services have API but don’t really have a way to sync or backup.
Black Friday Day For Maker
I m a Developer πŸ‘¨πŸ»β€πŸ’», Freelancer πŸ’° & Maker πŸš€